Cast of Characters

2014 Cast of Characters-resized

St. George Spirits began as a one-man operation, but over the last 30+ years our family has grown.

In addition to our knowledgeable and welcoming crew of spirit guides (the friendly folks you meet when you visit us here at the distillery), we also have a dedicated full-time production, office, sales, and tasting room team.

Shown sitting (left to right) and standing (left to right) are:

  • Lucy Farber

    Operations manager
    Joined 2004. Bad cop. Takes care of business. Knows better than you.
  • Steve Ciavola

    VP Sales
    Joined 2011. Experienced industry veteran with an unbelievable work ethic. We didn’t know we needed him—and now we don’t know what we’d do without him.
  • Aurora Miller

    Administrative assistant
    Joined 2012. Gal Friday and boozy baker extraordinaire, which means she keeps us running (in both senses).
  • Ellie Winters

    Social/antisocial media
    Joined 2010. Designated driver. Plans life around her six daily meals.
  • Lance Winters

    Master distiller
    Joined 1996. Thinks he’s Tony Stark. Let’s not burst his bubble.
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  • Andie Ferman

    Distillery diplomat
    Joined 2006. World-class hugger/human vise grip and perpetual motion machine.
  • James Lee

    Production apprentice
    Joined 2010. Distillery DJ. Growing out his ’stache for Locks of Love.
  • Luis Cruz

    Warehouse manager
    Joined 2003. Jörg and Lance’s first hire. Proof that sometimes the first time’s the charm.
  • Kevin Fethe

    Sales, Northeast
    Joined 2012. Excels at the manliest of pursuits: quoting Caddyshack, of course.
  • Paul Skiera

    Sales, Southeast
    Joined 2013. Our man in Miami. Fishes like there’s no tomorrow, dances like no one is watching.
  • Scott Schiller

    Business Development
    Joined 2011. Third-generation spirits man, first-generation Comedy Central fan.
  • Rob Krass

    Sales, Central
    Joined 2012. Codename: Bruiser. Golf with him at your own risk!
  • Dave Bridgman

    Sales, West
    Joined 2011. Always ready with a good story and the lowdown on where to find the best tacos all over the West.
  • Lauren Asta

    Tasting room
    Joined 2012. Brooklyn bohemian with the soul of a doting Italian nonna.
  • Ayn Kirkendall

    Tasting room
    Joined 2007. Tiny but tough. Don’t even think of calling her “sweetie.”
  • Chris Jordan

    Production apprentice
    Joined 2009. Tapeworm host/Josh Groban body double.
  • Enrique Castillejo

    Warehouse assistant
    Joined 2007. Often overheard exclaiming “I didn’t do it!” Seems just a little too insistent.
  • Dave Smith

    Distiller and blender
    Joined 2005. A really nice guy. Hit him up if you need help moving.
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