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    New St. George Vodkas are here!

    February 19, 2015 | Yes, it’s true! We are making vodka again! We are thrilled to introduce St. George All Purpose Vodka, Green Chile Vodka, and California Citrus Vodka.

    All three vodkas are available to taste here at the distillery tasting room as of today! We are excited to have you come by to taste, but as always, we advise booking ahead before making the trip over here.

    Our California distributor also now has all three of our new vodkas in stock, which means that NorCal and SoCal bars, restaurants, and spirits shops can start placing orders. Good news for Californians, who should start to see bottles pop up all over the state very soon!

    To make these three vodkas, we distill fresh produce and fruit on our copper stills using the same artisanal methods we rely on to make our flagship brandies and fruit liqueurs. Combining these distillates with a non-GMO base spirit results in three unique spirits that stand proudly among the rest of the St. George portfolio.

    All three new vodkas have also started rolling out to other parts of the country. Orders are on their way already to Arizona, Colorado, DC, Illinois, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, and Washington, with many other states to follow shortly. Once our distribution partners receive their orders and start making deliveries, we’ll be able to help you find them.

    New St. George vodkas coming soon

    January 2014 | Ready for another round? We are!

    If good things come in threes and good things come to those who wait, then you’re going to love our three new vodkas!

    Get ready for the upcoming release of:

    St. George All Purpose Vodka
    St. George Green Chile Vodka
    St. George California Citrus Vodka

    Bottling has begun, but we won’t be rolling out the new vodkas until all three have been bottled and orders have come in through our distributors (likely in late February for California, March for the rest of the country).

    For updates/release info, please keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and make sure you’re on our mailing list. (To subscribe, click the “Newsletter Signup” link at the bottom of this page.)

    Thanks for sharing our excitement!

    St. George Single Malt Named Craft Whiskey of the Year

    December 2014 | Whisky Advocate has named St. George Single Malt Whiskey as Craft Whiskey of the Year. In bestowing this award, Lew Bryson writes: “Delicate fruit, nuts, and sweet malt combine like a perfect pastry in the nose. Add a bit of unsweetened chocolate on the palate, finishing with a lingering reminiscence of every bit of flavor, and you have a beautifully integrated whiskey that is unmistakably St. George.”

    A huge honor! For more, see here.

    St. George named Craft Whiskey Producer of the Year

    September 2014 | Whisky Magazine’s 2015 Icons of Whisky America awards have selected St. George Spirits as the Craft Whiskey Producer of the Year. For more information about the awards, as well as a full list of nominees and winners, see here.

    Lot 14 of St. George Single Malt Whiskey now shipping

    September 2014 | At last, Lot 14 of our single malt is on its way out of the distillery! Our California distributor just picked up its NorCal order today, which means that bottles should start showing up with select local spirits shops, restaurants, and bars soon. Shipments are also en route to Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, and Wisconsin, with other states to follow shortly.

    Local folks: We’ve gotten word from Heads, Hearts & Tails (the store located here at the distillery) that they already sold their entire allocation of Lot 14 (which was quite limited) to pre-orders, which means they will not have any more bottles available to purchase. We haven’t heard of any other retailers accepting pre-orders, so we wish you luck finding a bottle as inventory starts to land on local shelves.

    Please remember, this spirit is extraordinarily limited and precious—just over 3,000 bottles to share with you and every other whiskey freak on the planet! If you’re able to land a bottle, we hope you’ll enjoy every sip.

    Updates on upcoming new releases: aged California apple brandy, aged California agricole rum, St. George vodka

    September 2014 | Our new releases of St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy and California Reserve Agricole Rum are in the home stretch. We’ll be bottling both spirits before the month is out, which means they should start showing up locally sometime in October, and in other states thereafter. If you missed the last newsletter or need a refresher on these spirits, you can find details here. As always, when we have more specifics on release dates, we’ll share the info via our Facebook page and Twitter feed; if you want to be among the first to know, please follow us online!

    In the meantime, our team is still hard at work developing our new line of St. George vodkas, which we hope to have in your glass before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned…

    Breaking & Entering Bourbon on hold

    September 2014 | Sad news for bourbon fans: For the foreseeable future, we will not be bottling any more Breaking & Entering Bourbon.

    As we’ve stated from the get-go, B&E is a product of barrels we “stole” from some of the most esteemed bourbon distilleries in Kentucky and blended back here at our distillery in Alameda. In the three years since we began the B&E project, our costs for buying bourbon to blend into B&E have skyrocketed. We accepted lower margins because we saw B&E as a contribution to the category worthy of the St. George name and we wanted to be able to keep producing a spirit we love to drink—and share.

    Unfortunately, the bourbons that we want to blend into B&E are no longer for sale at any price.

    We believe that we’ll see those choicest barrels on the market again, but in the meantime the bourbon that we want simply doesn’t exist.

    We’re proud of B&E—a sourced and blended bourbon worthy of our legacy as America’s oldest craft distillery. We’re proud of our team that has shaped B&E into a relevant brand that customers care about and call for by name. While we’re disappointed that we don’t currently hold the casks to blend more B&E, we made the call not to compromise the integrity of what we put into B&E—even if that meant discontinuing the brand in the short term.

    Breaking & Entering didn’t exist a few years ago and we’re guessing that the bottles that remain on the market will get snapped up by bourbon lovers as passionate about B&E as you are. If you’re lucky enough to have a bottle at home or to spot some on the shelf of a spirits shop near you, please savor it—and know that when we get back to barrel thievin’, you’ll be the first to know.

    St. George Spirits inducted into Spirit Journal Hall of Fame

    September 2014 | Wow! We are hugely honored to have been inducted into the Spirit Journal Hall of Fame, along with fellow inductees Charbay Winery & Distillery, Germain-Robin, and Clear Creek Distillery.

    In the September issue of Spirit Journal, Paul Pacult writes: “These four home-grown distilleries proved to be the pioneering first generation, the trailblazing entities that persevered through the early years of artisanal distilling during the 1980s and early 1990s, when acceptance and recognition for non-mainstream spirits were spotty, at best.

    In 2014, 450 to 500 craft distillers are honing their skills across all 50 of the United States. This remarkable fact alone affirms the notion that (these four distilleries) provided the necessary platform and shone the beacons that guided this vigorous grassroots movement to its current place of influence and impact. The craft distilleries that followed… might not have started up at all weren’t for the legacy of the four new Hall of Fame inductees.”

    This is a tremendous honor from one of the most respected spirits publications in the world. We are humbled and grateful.


    July 2014 | Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing three very special spirits—each distilled, barrel-aged, and bottled by us here at our distillery in Alameda:

    St. George Single Malt Whiskey, Lot 14
    Ours is one of the oldest single malts among American labels—and a real point of pride for the distillery. (1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die goes so far as to say it “might just be the best U.S. single malt available today.”) Lot 14, our 14th bottling, will contain one of the oldest barrels in our whiskey library—distilled and barreled by Lance Winters in 1999. Dave Smith has blended that 15-year-old beauty with other barrels from our reserves to create an elegant sipping whiskey. As with previous releases of our single malt, ethereal notes of stone fruit, chocolate, and roasted nuts form the backbone of this release’s flavor/aromatic signature. Estimated release: early autumn, about 3,000 bottles.

    St. George California Reserve Agricole Rum
    A barrel-aged expression of our wildly aromatic California agricole rum, but four years in French oak have tempered some of the funk and swagger of the fresh California sugarcane. Enough unmistakable wildness and grassy character remains to be provocative, but it’s balanced by just enough sweetness and spice to make this an approachable sipping rum. Estimated release: mid-autumn, about 2,700 bottles.

    St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy
    We partnered with Eleven Madison Park a couple years back on an unaged apple brandy made exclusively for them and are now getting ready for a national release of a barrel-aged expression (albeit in very limited quantities). Made from a field blend of 15 varieties of Northern California apples, this is a lovely sipping spirit with full apple flavor and soft spice notes derived from two to three years spent in French and American oak. Estimated release: mid-autumn, about 1,500 bottles.

    So… how can you get your hands on these spirits? We’ll let you know when we bottle and start shipping them to our distribution partners in various states. (Watch your inbox, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook page for more info on that—our social media is the best way to stay up on our latest release news.) But please remember that we’re a distillery, not a retailer, and have absolutely no say in what happens to our spirits once they leave the distillery. (Unlike laws in many other states, California state law does not permit distilleries to sell spirits directly to consumers. The onsite store here at the distillery? Nope, not ours. It’s a separate business under independent ownership/management: Head, Hearts & Tails, 510-220-4823.)

    Once we’ve let you know we’ve started shipping, we’d be happy to pass along any information we receive from distributors or retailers—but our hands are tied when it comes to when bottles will become available with individual retailers, whether you’ll be able to pre-order, whether there’ll be bottle limits per customer, etc. We wish we could do more to help everyone who wants a bottle (or six), but heck, we just make the stuff… and are very, very grateful that you’re so interested in drinking it!

    In the works: St. George vodka

    July 2014 | Now that we’ve officially parted ways with Hangar One Vodka (see post below for details), we’re hard at work creating some new vodkas under the St. George banner. For now, that means R&D with fresh California fruit and produce. We’re hoping to release three new vodkas by the end of the year and should have lots more news to share soon.