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    Wake Up and Smell the Boozy Coffee | August 2014

    Robb Vices definitely knows a thing or two about pleasure in all its forms, so we loved their write-up of our NOLA Coffee Liqueur!


    13 New Gins Bartenders Are Raving About | July 2014

    Details asked bartenders to name their favorite gins among the hundreds of expressions available today. And lo and behold, our Terroir Gin made the grade.

    The Spirits Business

    Legal Definition Would “Not Benefit” Craft Spirits | July 2014

    St. George distiller Lance Winters and Balcones Distillery’s Chip Tate weigh in on whether there’s any compelling reason to legally define what the term “craft” means.


    The Rum Bunch | June 2014

    Forbes totally gets it, calling our California agricole “a bold, dramatic, wild ride that exhibits what broader-audience rums suppress: the grassy, herby, liberated-moonshine essence of the cane itself.”


    10 Absinthes You Should Be Drinking | June 2014

    Our Absinthe Verte was included on Serious Eats’ short list of traditional and new wave absinthes! (Two guesses which camp ours falls into?)

    Serious Eats

    Bartender Picks: The Best Craft Distillers | May 2014

    Notable bartenders from across the US call out their favorite boutique distilleries and which specific bottles won them over. Don’t miss the lively Comments section, which is as compelling a read as the article itself.

    Robb Vices

    Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder | May 2014

    The Robb Report’s Vices column gives St. George Absinthe Verte a nod in its rundown of quality brands to seek out.

    The Spirits Business

    Top 10 Most Pioneering US Craft Distilleries | April 2014

    A who’s-who of American craft distilleries, with kudos for St. George Spirits as “a pioneer in the craft distilling movement since its inception in 1982.”


    St. George Spirits’ New Coffee Liqueur | April 2014

    Great review of our NOLA Coffee Liqueur from the Merc: “Divine—deeply, darkly coffee-infused with no cloying overtones.”


    The Root of the Matter | April 2014

    Tasting Table recommends pairing our new NOLA Coffee Liqueur with Blue Bottle Coffee’s New Orleans Iced Coffee. We’ll drink to that!