• Media Coverage


    St. George’s New Brandy and Liqueur Line Has Arrived… | January 2014

    If you haven’t had the chance to try our new brandies and liqueurs yet, let The Savory whet your appetite for them.


    What Distillers Drink | January 2014

    A fun exploration of what distillers sip when they’re off the clock.


    Lance Winters Explains Why St. George’s Rum Is like a Sex Scene on Animal Planet | December 2013

    The title sure is an attention grabber… but this interview goes way beyond that with insights into what inspires us and motivates our work, California’s influence on what we do, and why it’s important to keep an open mind (in spirits and in life).


    The Spirit of Christmas: Three Local Boozes to Sip By the Fire | December 2013

    This round-up of locally made craft spirits embraces our new Spiced Pear Liqueur (“like adult mulled cider in a bottle”) as the perfect winter warmer.


    The United States of Absinthe | December 2013

    Exploring the modern identity of this storied spirit, master distiller Lance Winters explains St. George’s groundbreaking role among New World absinthes—as well as our philosophy of making absinthe “as a form of art.”

    Grub Street

    The Holiday Gift Finder 2013: Top-Shelf-Worthy Booze | December 2013

    Grub Street recommends our “world-class” St. George California Agricole Rum, saying it “smells like grass and mushrooms, pickle brine, and unicorns, and is probably one of the most astonishing new rums we’ve encountered.”

    Wine & Spirits

    Best Spirits 0f 2013 | December 2013

    Our “gorgeously fragrant” St. George Dry Rye Reposado Gin drinks like a “botanically enhanced whiskey”—earning it a spot on Wine & Spirits Magazine’s best-of-the-year list.

    Wine Enthusiast

    The ENTH Degree/Gift Guide | December 2013

    Wine Enthusiast showcases our “silky-but-strong” St. George California Agricole Rum in its holiday gift guide. Our swagger-licious rum is a great give for the serious agricole freak on your list. (Is that you? In that case, it also makes a great get…)


    Apple Absinthe and More Complex Pours for Fall | November 2013

    Food & Wine writer Jordana Rothman scores a rare sip of St. George Apple Brandy and praises its “clean, sweet astringency” and “clarity of flavor,” deeming it “one of the finest apple eaux-de-vie we’ve ever tasted.”


    California Hecha Ginebra | November 2013

    A profile of Terroir Gin from Spanish lifestyle/gastronomy magazine Bon Viveur. Seeing as we do not yet have distribution in Spain, it’s both gratifying and inspiring to see interest in what we do from another corner of the gin-crazy world!