Hangar One Vodka

    Many people first got to know St. George Spirits through Hangar One, the vodka brand we launched in 2000.

    St. George Spirits had already been in existence for 18 years when Jörg and Lance started the Hangar One line of vodka, but our focus until that point had been on eau de vie (our flagship spirit) and single malt whiskey. Making a vodka grew out of our desire to make spirits from citrus fruit that we loved—but wouldn’t work from a technical standpoint for eau de vie.

    To this end, we sourced citrus fruit and blossoms from California growers, and made vodkas with new levels of depth and character. When we launched Hangar One, we came out of the gates running with Hangar One “Straight,” Buddha’s Hand Citron, Mandarin Blossom, and Kaffir Lime. Over time, we also released seasonal Fraser River Raspberry and Spiced Pear editions, as well as our alchemist’s series, which explored unusual ingredients like Wasabi and Chipotle.

    Hangar One was an immediate hit, receiving many accolades and garnering devoted fans. As the years passed, we were approached many times by interested parties who wanted to buy the brand. In 2010, we finally sold the Hangar One brand to New Jersey’s Proximo Spirits. Since the sale, we have continued to produce the vodka under contract for Proximo, as well as pour it in our tasting room. (But nope, it’s not our blimp so we can’t hook you up with blimp rides.)

    The sale of the Hangar One brand allowed us to focus our energies on the other St. George products we had developed over the years (like St. George Single Malt Whiskey, St. George Absinthe Verte, and St. George California Agricole Rum), as well as extend our family of spirits with the release of our three gins (Botanivore, Terroir, and Dry Rye Gin) and bourbon (Breaking & Entering Bourbon).

    If you originally got to know us through Hangar One vodka, we hope you’ll get to know us even better by exploring our other spirits.