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    Farewell to Hangar One

    April 2014 | Twelve years ago, we created Hangar One Vodka. Four years ago, we sold the brand to Proximo Spirits, but agreed to continue producing Hangar One—for four years. With us so far? Okay then… (Spoiler alert!)

    Yup, our Hangar One production contract has run its course. The time has come for us to bid a bittersweet farewell to Hangar One and a big THANK YOU to all the Hangar One fans out there who have supported us these last 12 years.

    If you’re interested in what’s next for Hangar One Vodka, is your go-to.

    As for us? Our St. George family of gins, absinthe, brandies, liqueurs, and other spirits is keeping us busier than ever. Plus, we have a few new barrel-aged spirits we’re super excited to share with you: St. George Apple Brandy and a barrel-aged expression of our St. George California Agricole Rum should be in your glass by the fall.

    But what about vodka? Will St. George ever make vodka again? Yes. We’re looking forward to the day we can mix Vespers with our own vodka and gin, Black Russians with our own vodka and coffee liqueur, and pear martinis with our own vodka and pear brandy. That delicious day isn’t here yet, but when it finally arrives, trust us, you’ll be the first to know.


    February 2014 | St. George Spirits was voted #1 craft distiller in America by a panel of 15 esteemed spirits judges (selected by Thrillist for being “smart people who drink a ton”).

    When the votes were counted, our history as “one of the old-school distillers on the list” and “one of the pioneers of the craft spirits industry”—coupled with our “range of excellent spirits”—landed us the top spot. See the results here.

    As the craft spirits segment grows to include many excellent distilleries across the country, we’re honored to have both our heritage and current family of spirits recognized by so many industry professionals.

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  • Media Coverage

    The Spirits Business

    Legal Definition Would “Not Benefit” Craft Spirits | July 2014

    St. George distiller Lance Winters and Balcones Distillery’s Chip Tate weigh in on whether there’s any compelling reason to legally define what the term “craft” means.


    The Rum Bunch | June 2014

    Forbes totally gets it, calling our California agricole “a bold, dramatic, wild ride that exhibits what broader-audience rums suppress: the grassy, herby, liberated-moonshine essence of the cane itself.”

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