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    May 2016 | We’re excited to announce the release of our new aperitivo: Bruto Americano! This should whet your appetite…

    NorCal, you’re in luck: You’re up first! Our California distributor has picked up its initial Northern California order, so bottles are starting to make their way to local spirits shops, bars, and restaurants. We have also added Bruto as a tasting menu option here at the distillery as of today! (As always, we recommend booking ahead at

    SoCal, you’re up next: Bruto should start landing near you in the next week or two. Then onto Illinois, Louisiana, and other states as the Bruto roll-out continues across the country this summer. And if you’re going to Tales of the Cocktail this July, you’ll also be able to taste Bruto at our Tasting Room and Bruto Americano Launch Party!

    We’ll update our Bruto web page with distribution info as the roll-out progresses. Bruto is not a limited-run item like our whiskeys, so you can rest assured that bottles should be widely available once orders start to land with retailers state by state. As always, we’re happy to help if you need a hand finding some near you.


    May 2016 | After a way-too-long hiatus, our spirits have returned to Alberta and British Columbia! As this newsletter goes to press, our three gins, vodkas, and absinthe are available in AB and BC via Wirtz Beverage Canada. To our fans in those provinces, thank you for your patience and the warm welcome back.

    Meanwhile, our pear and raspberry brandy are heading to Quebec. Either brandy would make a nice digestif post-poutine, post-tourtière, post-pretty-much-anything.

    Australia, we’re comin' at ya, too. Look for our Botanivore Gin, Terroir Gin, All Purpose Vodka, and NOLA Coffee Liqueur at Cole’s starting around June.

    On the domestic front, we’re in the process of adding Hawaii and New Jersey to the list of U.S. states where we have distribution. We hope to be up and running in both HI and NJ later this summer.

    If you need assistance ordering our spirits from one of our distributors or finding our spirits near you, please let us know.

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