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    September 26: Party on the Rock

    Alcatraz | The FOR-SITE Foundation, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and the National Park Service invite you to help launch @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz. The site-specific exhibit on human rights and freedom of expression will run September 27, 2014—April 26, 2015, but the premiere celebration is a chance to preview the exhibit before it opens to the public while also enjoying a night of feasting, music, dance, and St. George cocktails. We hope you’ll join us!

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  • Recent Announcements

    Lot 14 of St. George Single Malt Whiskey now shipping

    September 2014 | At last, Lot 14 of our single malt is on its way out of the distillery! Our California distributor just picked up its NorCal order today, which means that bottles should start showing up with select local spirits shops, restaurants, and bars soon. Shipments are also en route to Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, and Wisconsin, with other states to follow shortly.

    Local folks: We’ve gotten word from Heads, Hearts & Tails (the store located here at the distillery) that they already sold their entire allocation of Lot 14 (which was quite limited) to pre-orders, which means they will not have any more bottles available to purchase. We haven’t heard of any other retailers accepting pre-orders, so we wish you luck finding a bottle as inventory starts to land on local shelves.

    Please remember, this spirit is extraordinarily limited and precious—just over 3,000 bottles to share with you and every other whiskey freak on the planet! If you’re able to land a bottle, we hope you’ll enjoy every sip.

    Updates on upcoming new releases: aged California apple brandy, aged California agricole rum, St. George vodka

    September 2014 | Our new releases of St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy and California Reserve Agricole Rum are in the home stretch. We’ll be bottling both spirits before the month is out, which means they should start showing up locally sometime in October, and in other states thereafter. If you missed the last newsletter or need a refresher on these spirits, you can find details here. As always, when we have more specifics on release dates, we’ll share the info via our Facebook page and Twitter feed; if you want to be among the first to know, please follow us online!

    In the meantime, our team is still hard at work developing our new line of St. George vodkas, which we hope to have in your glass before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned…

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  • Media Coverage


    September 2014

    We are hugely honored to have been inducted into the Spirit Journal Hall of Fame, along with fellow inductees Charbay Winery & Distillery, Germain-Robin, and Clear Creek Distillery.

    Paul Pacult writes: “These four home-grown distilleries proved to be the pioneering first generation, the trailblazing entities that persevered through the early years of artisanal distilling during the 1980s and early 1990s, when acceptance and recognition for non-mainstream spirits were spotty, at best.

    In 2014, 450 to 500 craft distillers are honing their skills across all 50 of the United States. This remarkable fact alone affirms the notion that (these four distilleries) provided the necessary platform and shone the beacons that guided this vigorous grassroots movement to its current place of influence and impact. The craft distilleries that followed… might not have started up at all weren’t for the legacy of the four new Hall of Fame inductees.”


    Wake Up and Smell the Boozy Coffee | August 2014

    Robb Vices definitely knows a thing or two about pleasure in all its forms, so we loved their write-up of our NOLA Coffee Liqueur!

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