Botanivore Gin

Botanivore, our "botanical eater," is comprised of 19 different botanicals working in concert. Think of a meadow in bloom—herbaceous, fresh, and elegant.

What's in it? Count with us... angelica root, bay laurel, bergamot peel, black peppercorn, caraway, cardamom, cilantro, cinnamon, citra hops, coriander, dill seed, fennel seed, ginger, juniper berries, lemon peel, lime peel, orris root, Seville orange peel, star anise!

Formats: 200ml & 750ml
ABV: 45%
We layer juniper berries, bay laurel, and fresh cilantro in our botanicals basket. The other 16 ingredients are steeped overnight in the pot of our 1,500-liter copper pot still. The next morning, we apply gentle steam heat to coax out all of the beautiful flavors and aromas. By the end of the day, we have 800 bottles worth of Botanivore.
This elegant, perfectly balanced, and deeply layered gin is all you need for a damn fine martini.

Also? Best. Gin and Tonic. Ever.

In fact, after extensive research, we've concluded that Botanivore is the friendliest gin we've ever encountered. Fresh and lightly herbaceous, with bright citrus, subtle floral notes, earth, and spice, it plays well in cocktails of any stripe—so get creative and introduce it to the rest of your liquor cabinet! You can't go wrong with this lovefest-of-a-gin.
Top 50 Spirits of 2012 list | 93 points — Wine Enthusiast

Complex and bright. — Esquire

A riot of botanicals. — Sunset

At once soft, bright, smooth, and spicy. — The Hooch Life

A sunshine-drenched greenhouse of a spirit. — Park & Bond
Botanivore? Is that even a word?

Nope, not until we came along.

When we created this gin, we wanted to give it a name that expressed its botanical abundance. Because people, seriously, this gin is made from 19 different botanicals. 19!!!

In search of a moniker, we made some martinis and started brainstorming.

Herbivore? Already claimed by a vegan restaurant.

Omnivore? Pretty sure we'd owe Michael Pollan royalties if we went that route.

Botanisaurus? Tempting...

Botanivore ("Botanical Eater")? Rawr!