St. George Fruit Brandies

Announcing the relaunch of our flagship fruit spirits!

Formerly under the Aqua Perfecta label, our unaged fruit brandies have been re-released in new bottle formats under the St. George banner. Our California Reserve Apple Brandy is a new (and very limited) release for us in 2014.

St. George Pear Brandy
St. George Pear Brandy is made from the most aromatic dry-farmed, organic Bartlett pears we can find—and we pack about 30 pounds of fruit into every 750ml bottle!

This unsweetened spirit is stunningly fruit-forward, with all the complexity of a perfectly ripe pear.

St. George Raspberry Brandy
Crafted from raspberries you could find in the dark, St. George Raspberry Brandy is intensely ripe, lush, and focused.

Our goal in making unaged fruit brandies is to take an olfactory snapshot to capture exactly what the raw material smells like at its peak of ripeness. Our pear and raspberry brandy do just that; these extraordinary unaged fruit spirits are perfectly clean and clear, but the flavor and aromatics go all the way up to 11.

Raspberry and pear brandy formats: 750ml & 200ml
ABV: 40%

St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy
Released autumn 2014, our barrel-aged apple brandy is like an apple orchard in your glass, with soft honey, cinnamon notes present on the finish. Made from a field blend of local apples sourced from a single orchard within 150 miles of the distillery, and aged in French and American oak for 2–3 years. Very limited release!

Apple brandy format: 750ml
ABV: 43%
Pear Brandy has been St. George's flagship spirit since 1982, the year our distillery was founded. Today we make an array of spirits—all of them inspired by the philosophy of craft brandy production.

We begin by sourcing the most flavorful and characteristic fruit we can find and then distill it at its prime. We use the whole fruit in its entirety in a deliberate effort to maximize the most elemental and essential flavors and aromas.

We never add sugar or anything artificial, so all you get is the honest essence of the raw material.

We distill our brandy on our collection of copper pot stills—including our oldest still, a 250-liter beauty custom made for us by the Arnold Holstein Company in 1982, the same year we were founded. All our stills demand expertise and keen judgment, but in return give us extraordinary command over each distillation run.

Done right (our minimum standard!), a single still run is all it takes.

Europeans traditionally sip unaged fruit brandy as a digestif. We're all for that!

But at 40% alcohol and with no residual sugar, our wildly aromatic pear and raspberry brandies are a bartender's secret weapon—enhancing any cocktail that calls for vivid fruit flavor without additional sweetness.
Authentic, ripe scents. Wow. — Wine Enthusiast

Smooth and clear with an unusually intense, true fruit essence. — Bon Appétit

Magnificent, complex, fruit-driven. — San Francisco Chronicle

Eau-so-civilized. — Wine & Spirits

Excellent. A wonderful conclusion to a great meal. — The New York Times
When Wine Spectactor called St. George founder Jörg Rupf "the patron saint of American eau de vie," it was no overstatement. When Jörg founded the distillery in 1982, only a handful of people in this country could even pronounce the phrase "eau de vie," and fewer still drank it.

Thirty years later, everything we make is eau de vie in some form or another—whether it's an eau de vie of grain in the case of our single malt, or an eau de vie of sugarcane in the case of our rum, Jörg's philosophy and exacting standards have informed every spirit that bears the St. George name.