St. George Fruit Liqueurs

Announcing the relaunch of our flagship fruit spirits!

Formerly under the Aqua Perfecta label, our new unaged fruit liqueurs have been re-released in new bottle formats under the St. George banner. They're available locally and in a growing number of places across the country.

We hope you're thirsty for...

St. George Raspberry Liqueur
A show-stopper. This is what all raspberry liqueurs aspire to, with a luxurious mouthfeel and just the right balance between sweet and tart.

St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur
Both elegant and earthy, this luscious liqueur has all the complexity of a perfectly ripe Bartlett pear. Cinnamon and clove add a warm touch of spice.

Format: 200ml & 750ml
ABV: 20%
St. George Fruit Liqueurs have an impeccable pedigree: They begin as our flagship pear and raspberry brandy, to which we add even more luscious fruit juice.

This brings down the proof (from 40% alcohol by volume to 20% alcohol by volume) and transforms our crystal clear brandies into jewel-toned liqueurs.

Our liqueurs have the same potent nose as our flagship brandies, but they're naturally sweet and velvety on the palate.
St. George Raspberry Liqueur is exquisite all on its own as a digestif—and the perfect complement to anything chocolate. (We also like to keep a bottle at the breakfast table for drizzling on waffles.)

St. George Pear Spiced Liqueur has a crisp pear perfume and a long, lush finish with a hint of spice. Sip it alongside a cheese plate or pair it with pork, duck, or other meats ending in the letter K.

In cocktails, both liqueurs are fruit-forward without being cloying.
Raspberry: *****/Highest recommendation. Genuine and luscious beyond words.
— F. Paul Pacult Spirit Journal

Spiced Pear: ****/Highly recommended. Flawless purity... tangy, fruity, almost pastry-like.
— F. Paul Pacult Spirit Journal

An American classic... — Wine Enthusiast

Powerful yet refined. — Food & Wine

Elegant, supple, balanced. — Santé

We've been making our flagship pear brandy and liqueur for 30 years now (previously under the Aqua Perfecta label), so we thought we had a pretty solid sense of what these spirits were all about. Then BANG! All it took was a 77-second cocktail video to reveal what we hadn't seen in three+ decades: that our elegant pear spirits have a rough and tumble wild side (a Wild, Wild West side).

Presenting a Spaghetti Western cocktail video with distiller Lance Winters slingin' our pear spirits like you've never seen 'em: A Fistful of Pears.