St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur


    Our rich and satisfying NOLA Coffee Liqueur was inspired by our love for New Orleans–style coffee, as well as by distiller Dave Smith’s own love story. (For more on that, read on…)

    Roasted Yirgacheffe coffee beans, French chicory root, Madagascar vanilla beans, and organic cane sugar combine to create a coffee liqueur with dimension and depth. Just like the city of New Orleans itself, our NOLA Coffee Liqueur intrigues, engages the senses, and invites you to let go of expectations and give yourself over to a wholly delicious experience.


    Making a New Orleans–style coffee liqueur has been on our wish list for years. When we were finally able to devote the time this project deserved in order to be its best, we were lucky to have the support of many local roasters and friends. In particular, we owe special thanks and a debt of gratitude to Brad and Kate Joyce of Jewel Box Coffee Roasters, Tal Mor of Four Barrel Coffee, and Alex Roberts of Roast Co. for their gracious support.

    St. George distiller Dave Smith searched high and low for the perfect ingredients to create an homage to New Orleans. Ethiopian coffee beans, French chicory root, and Madagascar vanilla gave us just the balance of flavors we were looking for.

    Working on Roast Co.’s Probat, Brad Joyce roasted our Yirgacheffe beans to perfection. Brad’s depth of experience and intuitive approach were critical to coaxing out the deep, fruity flavors that we wanted to showcase from the beans.

    When our coffee grinder didn’t live up to the task, in true DIY St. George fashion we MacGyver-ed it and came up with another plan on the fly: Luckily, our grain mill gave us the perfect grind.

    Our cold-infusion method ensures a thoughtful focus on the most elegant flavors and aromas that we love from the beans, while minimizing extraction of the astringent components of the coffee.


    Fruity, savory, and downright delicious, NOLA Coffee Liqueur is a rich, multidimensional spirit that engages the palate while still being a pure pleasure to drink.

    We chose to work with Yirgacheffe coffee beans specifically for their bright berry, chocolate, and round fruity qualities—flavors and aromatics that translated through our cold infusion process beautifully. The coffee’s contribution is complemented by the French chicory root’s plum/date notes and intriguing bitter undertones.

    Sipped neat, our NOLA liqueur is delicious alongside breakfast, dessert, and any meal in between—with each sip revealing a bit more character. In cocktails, it provides a touch of sweetness, earthy depth, and that robust roasted flavor that coffee lovers crave.


    Most visitors to the Big Easy fall in love with New Orleans, but only a lucky few fall in love in New Orleans.

    St. George distiller Dave Smith was one of those lucky few. He met his future wife in New Orleans while visiting in 2007. NOLA was the backdrop to their courtship, which played out all over the city’s famously sultry streets, jazz clubs, gardens, and cafés. And when they finally married, a New Orleans brass band burst into song after they’d exchanged their vows.

    Lucky for us, Dave and his bride chose to make their home here in the Bay Area. Lucky for you, the city of New Orleans continued to occupy a place in Dave’s heart—so much so that he always wanted to make a coffee liqueur that tasted like the New Orleans-style coffees he and his bride had enjoyed during their courtship.

    When it came time to make NOLA Coffee Liqueur, Dave and his bride even spent their first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds helping to roast the coffee beans that would go into the maiden batch.

    We hope that everyone who tastes Dave’s NOLA Coffee Liqueur loves it as much as we do. But really… Julia, this one’s for you.


    It's worth hunting down this bottle. — The Kitchn

    Carries the taste of very good dark-roast coffee to an absurd length. The taste of coffee lingers on the palate, along with notes of hazelnut and the earthy bitterness of chicory. The result is fresh and sophisticated. — Los Angeles Times

    Robust, balanced flavor. It’s like fresh, bracing, cold-brewed coffee… meaning it’s beautiful neat, on ice. — Imbiber/

    Delicious neat and makes for an amazing after-dinner drink. — Robb Vices

    Full coffee flavor, with layers of roastiness, but the bitterness is rounded off with a sweet finish. — Serious Drinks

    Fruity, floral… Makes a great White Russian. — Tasting Table


    Format: 750ml
    ABV: 25%
    Availability: Widely available. Find it here.